How to download, install and use a preset

1. Have Lightroom Mobile on your phone.

If not, then you can download the Lightroom Mobile CC via the following links.

It's absolutely free, and all the important features of the application do not require any subscriptions.

Video instructions

We have prepared for you a video in which we showed the differences in installing and using presets on iOS 12 and 13. You can watch the video on our website or Youtube or just continue to read the text instructions.

iOS 12 instructions

How to use with iOS App

How to use with website

iOS 13 instructions

How to use with iOS App

How to use with website

2. Select a preset and download it.

Open the page of any of the presets and click the "Download" button. After you click the Download button, the download will go.

For iOS, a special page opens where you need to click "Open in Lightroom" or select Lightroom via the "More" button.

Android users can simply download the file.

3. Open preset and copy settings

If you are an Android user and the picture has not yet appeared in the application, add it from the files.

If you have already opened a preset file (this is a picture with settings), then click on the button with 3 dots in the upper right corner.

Click "Copy Settings" and select all settings (or only those that you want if you are an experienced user). And click "OK".

4. Paste settings on photo

Open the photo to which you want to add the preset settings (it needs to be added by a special blue button with a plus), click on the 3 points in the upper right corner.

Choose Insert Settings.

Hooray, you are great! Your settings have been added, and your photo has changed!

To save it - click on the special icon next to the cloud icon.

Want to share your preset?

Send us your presets with previews in the mail and we will gladly place them on the site indicating your Instagram account!

New presets every week!

Presets for Lightroom on your phone

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